Felicity Marshall is a visual storyteller

Her thematic series of paintings & drawings include landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Her children’s books are based on contemporary issues, while encased in fantasy.

Recent News

06 Jul 2017

‘Would You Like To Share’

‘Hello, Honey Bee’ children’s picture book will be released in June 2018. Published by Propolis Publishing. More information here.

06 Jul 2017

‘Do you secretly have some wildness in your heart?’

Work is completed on children’s picture book ‘Hello, Honey Bee’ and it will be published by Propolis Publishing in June 2018. More information here.

15 Feb 2017

Work is under way on my new non-fiction book about bees ‘The Very Clever Bee’.

A sample illustration from 'The Very Clever Bee'

A sample illustration from ‘The Very Clever Bee’