Early Work


Prize shortlisted


William Mora Galleries, Melbourne 1989

I was moved to create this series of paintings, watercolours and drawings based on the Azaria Chamberlain case, as I was closely connected to the filming of ‘Evil Angels’, the book about the case written by John Bryson. This was one of the most famous trials in recent Australian history, involving the disappearance of baby Azaria and the subsequent murder trial of her parents. The Australian public was divided in their attitude, and the trial and its media coverage were likened to a witch-hunt. Ultimately, years later after Lindy Chamberlain had been found guilty and imprisoned, new evidence was found that supported the Chamberlain’s unwavering assertion that a dingo had taken their baby. It is now considered to be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice and a full pardon and apology were given to the Chamberlain family.

Sea Air

Qdos Gallery, Lorne, Victoria 2010

Over many years, I have walked and explored the rocks and beaches along the Victorian surf coast, and I have also roamed through nearby heath lands and bush, down paths both natural and man-made. I have developed a love for this natural environment and never stop being entranced by it – by the seasonal changes, by the interaction between people and the elements, and by the sensual elements of air, water and earth. There is always something confounding or unexpected to find, whether it be the way light falls on contours, the changes wrought by sea and wind, or the mystery of shells and shore life. I interpret this as a humble bystander, rarely understanding what I see but feeling compelled to express my response to it, and my profound attachment to it.

The Cultivated Landscape

France 2006, London 2006, and Alliance Francaise Gallery Melbourne 2008

This is a theme of parallel drawings and paintings of the two cultivated landscapes in Australia and in France. I noted the symmetry of agricultural cultivation imposed on the gentle land, the signs of life outside or above, debris of farming, scarecrows, and abandoned projects. I am always looking for another element present outside that of just the landscape – such as the threatening shadows of jets flying over tender young wheat fields or discarded fertilizer bags flying through the air over ploughed fields. Mirages that come and go in heat haze. I grew up in the country in Western Australia, where climate was often cruel, colours were both extremely harsh and surprisingly soft. In France, I found much that was familiar, much that was strange, and much that we shared in our bond with the earth.

Women's Skins

William Mora Galleries, Melbourne 1991

This series is about female identity and the role that clothing plays in the creation of identity. I was going through profound changes in my personal life at the time and could feel myself growing into a new skin and a new phase. I was also inspired by the poems of Pablo Neruda – specifically ‘Ode to Clothes’.

‘Dining With Succulents’
Egrets and Storm Cloud
Path Through Moonahs
Farm Tracks, Cumeray
Hedge, Werribee
Prickly Pear Field, Sunbury
Through the Studio Window
Wheatfield with Two Mirages
Late Summer View to Les Rosieres
Onion Field and Mirage
Summer Fields, Milly
Vines Near Angers
Seafaring Boy
The Outside, Inside
Bruce Smeaton, Composer
Professor Carl Wood
Lloyd Marshall
Portrait of Katie
Beach Girl
Beach Girl in Pink Sea Shells
Independent Girl
Storm Memory
The Hill, The Herd, The Flock
View to Corio Bay.
Wild Flower Meadow
Ebb Tide Shells
Nipple 1 & Nipple 2
The Path to Hut Gully
Rock Pools, Point Roadknight
Childhood Dress in a Night Storm
Cockatoos With Bridal Veil
Dreaming of a New Dress
Fruit and Fabrics
Grey House, Red Dress
Onion Skin and Lace
Two Dresses
Self Portrait With 2 Shells
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Ascension On The Rock
Clue Game
Dingo Heads
Eye Witness Mute
Eye Witness Raucous
Forensic Examination of Landscape
Forensic Examination of Motherhood
Lindy Sewing
The Jury Room
Two Shrouds
Autumn On Loire Cunault
Beehives, Gennes
Boats Le Croisic
Cultivated Fields, Sancerre
The View To Les Rosieres Sketch
Path Through The Moonahs
Prickly Pears, Sunbury
River Path, Angelsea
Path, Port Fairy
Fields, Sancerre
Flight Over Ploughed Fields
Flower Fields
Hills Hoist View To Coppabellas
Patchwork Flower Fields.
The Road From Mireille’s To Cumeray.
Three Scarecrows As Breton Women
The View To Les Rosieres Sketch
Beach Girl In Moonahs
Broccoli Field
Edge of the Sunflower Field
Walnut Tree, France.
Wheat Field With Mirages Cumeray
S.E.S Man with Spotted Pardalote
Professor Carl Wood
Maverick Poppies
The Three Sisters
Path to Port Fairy
The Diver
Flower Field, France