Hello, Honey Bee

A queen bee and her bees lose their home when a farmer cuts down the tree where they lived. Desperately searching for a new home, they arrive at the palace of the Big Queen and go inside. What ensues is a conversation between the two queens resulting in a new and unusual friendship. The queen bee educates the Big Queen about the vital role of bees, and the Big Queen helps them find them a new home.
A whimsical tale of friendship and understanding that explores the importance of bees in our daily lives. With vivid imagery and gentle prose, Hello, Honey Bee inspires children to care about wildlife and understand the connection between the food we eat and the pollinators that help to put food on our plate.

Subjects: bees, pollination, unlikely friendships, eco-awareness.

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Teacher’s notes here.

Written and illustrated by Felicity Marshall
Publisher: Propolis Publishing
Publishing date: 2018


Sage’s Ark

Orphaned and unable to speak, Sage lives with her aunt on a small island, caring for the local wildlife. A gift of magical paint brushes opens up an exciting new world for her, helping to save endangered animals. But adventure leads to danger when strangers stumble onto the island.

‘She painted bilbies, bandicoots and night parrots. She painted gorillas, whooping cranes and humpback whales. She painted tiny frogs and small whistling birds. She painted morning, noon and night for weeks on end.’

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(Shortlisted WA Premier’s Book Awards)
Written and illustrated by Felicity Marshall
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Publishing date: 2000

The Star

The Star reflects the contemporary phenomenon of “fame without substance”, a part of our celebrity-soaked culture. Marion, a wooden doll, her friend Harley and their dog Polka, enter the imaginary World of Fame where Marion becomes a glamorous Star. But she learns painfully that   stardom has a use-by-date. Her experience changes her forever but her true friends still love her. The story explores the superficiality of stardom and the value of true friendship. Click here for teacher’s note.

‘Why would you want to change?’ said Polka the dog. ‘We love you just the way you are. You smell just perfect. Of wood, varnish and paint, and that special glue that holds you together.’

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Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book 2011
Written and illustrated by Felicity Marshall
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing
Publishing date: 2010

You and Me Murrawee

We see through the eyes of a young girl camping on the river with her family, life as it would have been for Murrawee, an aboriginal girl who lived there two hundred years ago. Murrawee is friend and guide as we experience the rhythms of one day.

‘We walk this same brown earth, you and me, Murrawee. Past the ancient granite rocks, we run down the slope to the river, hearts beating in time. I follow your bare footsteps.’

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Shortlisted Crichton Award for Illustration
Written by Kerri Hashmi and illustrated by Felicity Marshall
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publishing date: 1998

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Sage On Whale
The Whale did a Giant Flip
Sage Scream
Ark of Animals
Murrawee and Grandmother
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Murrawee and lizard
We Sleep Under The Same Stars
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Sage and Larrikin on Beach
Tortoise and Yabby
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